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Sample Rental Agreement & Waiver

There is a lot of Information contained in this Rental Agreement/Waiver.
Please Download and Familiarize yourself with it .

***  Essentially YOUR INSURANCE takes Precedent and is Primary. ***
Essentially YOU are insuring our Vehicle. OUR Insurance is Secondary.

This is essentially the Document you will sign @ Vehicle Rental

I apologize for all the Lawyer-ese, but it's the World we live in Today.
And, if you think THIS is a lot of mumbo jumbo, don't dare ask other agencies to print out what you're 'signing' on some iPad or Laptop!!! Wow, you'd be surprised.
You know ....  Today, you have to WARN people that Coffee is HOT!??  smh
We don't 'slip in' or hide anything from you. Isn't that how it's supposed to be?

We are VERY PROUD of you, our Customers.
Many of you have become Friends.
Still, once you leave the Lot, YOU are the one Responsible for

There has NEVER been One Instance of a problem situation in all our years.
Our Intention
 is to KEEP it that way.

Our ONLY GOAL is for you to have a BLAST!
And that includes YOU being SAFE!

It's almost IMPOSSIBLE to get into any kind of trouble, unless you try to.
And we know trouble is NOT why you've come to enjoy God's Great Outdoors!

No matter what comes up, you're in touch with us, we know where you are and will come and get you, change a tire, retrieve the vehicle, whatever.

We encourage you to DOWNLOAD, print out and
FILL OUT the Last 2 Pages =
Attachment A & B
It will save some time upon Check Out.

It's NOT a Problem if you don't, we can do it all here.

Can Save Time....
but Not Necessary

FWIW: For normal folks, who are NOT Attorneys, the Rental Agreement basically says: YOU, the Renter, are responsible for the Vehicle

and the SAFETY of yourself and your Passengers. Simple.

You are essentially insuring the Vehicle. Our insurance picks up after yours ends.

You promise to Drive SAFELY, to NOT go where you're not supposed to go,

to use Common Sense, to be in touch if you have a problem and

fill the Tank w/ 91 Octane before you return it.


Pretty much regular stuff that any normal adult would expect and adhere to.

Please Download, Print and Peruse

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