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Everything you Need, in Your Hand! 
It's Safe, Fun, Educational w/ Stunning Vistas

The Experience You'll Remember!


 - 2-sided   Rode! Map                       
-Walking Map of Kirwin                                      

-Walking Map of Double Dee Dude Ranch    
-Walking Map to Amelia Earhart's Cabin Site 
-History of and Classic Directions to Kirwin   
Kirwin History Timeline & MORE  
- All Vehicles Highway Licensed  

- Satellite Communicator - always in touch !  
- Vehicle Insurance [not on people]
Towels, Blankets, Rain Ponchos, Gloves for Driver, Sunscreen,
Front & Rear Full Windshields, Cleaner & Rags, Paper Towels,
Bear Spray (with signed release, lotion, tissues, wipes, sanitizer,
And yes - more. We loan Coolers & Portable propane Grills

Yo Mama wouldn't send you out this well prepared! 


We don't do Tours.                  

We understand that,
or various reasons, some folks prefer
to have someone more familiar
with the area &
 terrain accompanying them.
.....  Just know that WE give you more info than any 'guide' would know.
How do we KNOW that?
LIVE here!            

I promise you..... a 'TOUR' IS NOT NECESSARY!   

You cannot get lost.
We know where you are.
 to come back to Meeteetse.
There is no other way to get in or out of these Mountains
you have the Garmin InReach for safety.
    NOTE:                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Access to Kirwin is limited and impassable certain times of the year.  Rain & Mud, River Levels and Snow are ALL unpredictable.   




You Don't
Want or Need
a Tour Guide


Check out the Maps !!!

Middle Mountains Logo.jpg

This is not just a Tag Line.

It's the Reason You Came!

 Tour Misconceptions 

A 'TOUR' normally means someone driving you around, talking & describing what you're seeing. The insinuation is there are 'secrets' that only  they  know about.

Kirwin and the Middle Mountains are different.

#1 - We supply you with all the information you need about Kirwin.

You are not an idiot, you don't need to be told what you are looking at.

#2 - When YOU drive, you stop where you want, go at your pace.

The Mountains, the Rivers & Creeks, the Forests - that's what you came to see.

#3 - Kirwin is the remnants of a failed Mining Town. No Ghosts.

Your imagination of the Life here, the remote location are what makes it magic.

#3 - Did I mention:                         ???     That's why you came!

Your pictures & memories will be of the Vistas you see......  Not the old buildings.

We Understand!

There are some solid people out there
who may be a bit concerned about
'going it alone' out in this big ole Wyoming 'wilderness'. Maybe you?

But..... YOU shouldn't worry!
All the roads are SAFE & wide enough for Logging Trucks! And all are clearly marked. One way in.... One way out!
No 'shortcuts' over the Mountains!
You come back the way you went in.

We SUPPLY you w/ More Information than ANY Tour Guide would tell you.

You also have a Garmin InReach GPS with you that allows you to text US, or reach SOS should anything come up.

Your sent text includes your EXACT location, so we Know Where You Are!

Relax. Your Safety and Enjoyment of this beautiful part of God's Great Outdoors is all we are about !!

Believe it!
See you soon!


Your Safety
is Our Main

Every Rental includes a                  Package 


We  supply EACH RENTAL with a GPS Satellite Communicator : Garmin InReach  >>> FREE !



Your Safety
is Our Main

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