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you will be looking @ Kirwin Parking Lot!!

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Amelia Earhart's  Cabin in Kirwin


Wolf Mine

Our GOAL is for you to have an opportunity to visit our Peaceful, Beautiful Town and Surrounding Area in such a way that you will take back home Timeless Memories of the West. Yet, for all that to become a reality, there are some absolutes that we must not forget.

BE Careful.  And, be respectful of the Land ....... the National Forest belongs to you, too!.....

Respect the Private Landowners, over whose property you will travel across to ACCESS the National Forest Service Roads you will be traveling on. Stay on Mapped Roads and IN Jeep until you reach the National Forest........ then you can explore! 


                                         Yes, the Ghost Town that is our Name Sake. It's way back and over                                                       9,200 feet in Elevation. AND, it can be tricky or even unreachable 

                                             when the river is running too high. Mid to Late Summer are the most

                                             accessible times. Just hard to say what conditions you will encounter!

You will receive a detailed MAP of the area's Approved Roads, the only roads you can travel.

We highly recommend that you RENT aGarmin InReach Satellite Communication Device.

These are Satellite-based TEXTING devices that allow you to be in touch.


In case of an emergency or to send your actual location, with a message, to people back home. Take a 'selfie' and you can locate on Google Maps the EXACT location where you were at the time that picture was taken.  ............Extremely COOL!


the Ghost Town


Our Town

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