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Maps & More

Be Advised: There is an Awful Lot of Information on this Page !

Maybe more than the average Bee wants to tackle.

Still, it CAN make your Adventure even better ...if that is remotely possible...

Scans #1 & #2 really can be fun, showing you YOUR Progress along the RIDE ...         

Right There on YOUR very own Cell Phone!

Although all of the QR Codes are accurate and will get the proper information TO your phone,

the process CAN be a little confusing. Maybe a lot. Plus, difference versions/operating systems

of both Android and iPhone [and age of phone] can contribute to some head scratching.

#1 and #2 are almost a necessary accessory. You'll be VERY glad you added this Map & Waypoints!

Avenza Maps are wonderful and be can used with FREE maps [like the one you're downloading]

or purchased Maps for all over the Country. With this method and these QR Codes you WILL

download Avenza Maps without having to get an account.

You may WANT an account, as it is totally FREE.

But, you'd then have to enter (and remember) an email address and password.

Again, these general instructions may need to be tweaked to work on YOUR particular Cell Phone.

Give it a shot. If it doesn't work, I bet we can get it all figured out here.


Please bring a valid driver's license and Insurance information – on your phone is fine.

Layers of clothing are HIGHLY recommended! Weather changes rapidly in this area.

Closed-toed shoes are HIGHLY recommended!!.


Meet us at: 1902 State St, Meeteetse, WY 82433

Kirwin Ghost Town Adventures Office is the Red Hut on the corner, just past the Greybull River bridge when coming from Cody. With our machines parked on the lot……...You can't miss us!



Some Stuff to do so You will BEE Ready for one of the times of your Life !!!

Scanning these QR Codes and following some fairly easy directions (below) can really ENHANCE Your Ride Experience!

Older Phones may have trouble. Still, I'd like you have this with you on YOUR phone....your most familiar device!

If you have any problems, we can do it when you get here. Or be in touch with questions. All of this is at No Cost.


Scan #1 - These are Kirwin Ride Way Points via our Google Drive. It is a .kml file type - a bunch of writing. Don’t bother reading. Don't Open it, just Download & save to your Downloads. It will likely say "unsupported file" or something similar. That's OK cause you're not gonna open it.

The Avenza Map will be able to open it later. :) We'll need it AFTER the next steps.

 **NOTE** - Be patient. It could take a little bit. There's lots of data being transferred.


Scan #2 - This takes you to Avenza Maps AND - a little later in the process back -

to [the map we want] Shoshone NF (North Zone), which is for the Kirwin Area.

- (a) When prompted Download the Avenza Map App. It is free.

On iPhone leave the little blue checkmark checked. It says: (‘Save my place in the app.’)

- (b) Click OPEN on Either Android or iPhone . After the Avenza App has downloaded....

You will be taken 'back' to where you can:

- (c) Download the Shoshone NF (North Zone) map. Do so.

When download is complete and the Map shows up,

- (d) click on Layers Icon (bottom RH stacked ‘layers’)

- (e) Click the Orange + symbol (bottom RH Corner)

- (f) Choose the bottom option "Import Layers"

- (g) Scroll down to "Cloud storage or device" - touch/choose/click on that choice

- (h) you SHOULD then see the "Copy of Kirwin Ride Waypoints .kml" << click on that

You don't have to do anything else. Choose the <- (back button) at top left of screen.

With any luck..... you now see the Map with the Waypoints.

Keep in mind, the map only works when you are in the actual Geographic Area = only when you are 'here'. Literally.

The little blue dot WILL become 'you' as you travel, but it won't start until you are about 3 miles outside of Meeteetse on the way to Kirwin and Beyond, To MEMORIES you will never forget!!! allows you to view Guided Tour Information as you approach various buildings, etc. at both the Double D Dude Ranch and Kirwin Ghost Town. Combined with supplied Walking Maps, it's neat

As you Approach a 'target' identified previously by App Developers, information and audio about that target plays.


Scan #3 - These take you where you can download the App.

<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<  Android  

                                                                         iPhone  >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

NEXT you can Download the Audio             kindly provided by Meeteetse Museums



<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<   Double Dee  

                                                                           Kirwin   >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

These QR Codes take you where you can download each Audio.

However, if you have trouble with them, once on the site, click on “audio guides” > United States > Cody > then individually to the sites listed.

 Double Dee Dude Ranch 


App Store



If you're not confused and/or you made it through all of the above on Your OWN.... you're much smarter & savvy than Me...... & the average BEE!

And...I'm even MORE Excited to Meet you! Email me >>
and let me know how you did!!

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