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Save 4% using Bitcoin !!

We apologize for
the extra step,
but our
Main Booking Company
does not take Bitcoin or Square.

Going 'direct' -
we have no online inventory method, we must check
for availability

We'll send you a link where you can pay & Make it Happen !

Also,tell us where you're from! It's fun meeting folks from all over.....

Thanks for Getting Touch - Response on the Way!

Requests are NOT confirmed BOOKINGS....prior to payment.
We always respond within 24 hrs. Contact with you is important to us.
A LINK  to Payment will be provided per vehicle availability determination 

We want your experience to be 1st class. We're sure you do, as well. 

Booking Rules

While this is all about HAVING FUN, there's still business to be done.  

Still, we must have rules.

You must be 25 yrs old/ auto insurance


1) You agree that you have viewed, understand and agree with ALL of the Following Pages found here on this current website :


a) Rides 

b) Pricing (on Rides Page)

c) GPS                                  (Masks are YOUR Choice)    d) FAQ

e) Insurance

f) Cancellation Policy Below

Payment in Full is required.

Cancellation Policy

up to 31 days prior - full refund

15-30 days prior - 50% refund

14 or less days - 0% refund


        We respond almost immediately!!

IF the times and vehicle(s) you want are available, we will send you Payment Information

using the email address you provide on this form.

INSURANCE: It is imperative that you have Proof of Insurance with YOU

at the time of Rental.

Rental Agreement will be executed when picking up Vehicle.

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