Of course, you get a Rode! Map when you pick up your Ride.
Every Renter is also provided a Personal Folder with LOTS of Area information:

Walking Map of Kirwin                                      
Walking Map of Double Dee Dude Ranch    
Walking Map to Amelia Earhart's Cabin Site 
History of and Classic Directions to Kirwin 
Key Dates in Kirwin History Timeline & MORE  

  TOUR Package                           


We understand that, for various reasons, some folks prefer to have
someone more familiar with the area & terrain do the driving for them.

We are glad to accommodate such requests.
TOURS are an Add-On to normal Rental Rates and
must be reserved
48 hours in Advance of Tour Date.

   $340.00 Add-On (includes Gas Fill-up, Driver and one Vehicle @ Normal Price)                                     
IN ADDITION to the Normal, above souvenirs, TOUR Customer will receive: 

One free 2x2 Sticker
One free 2x4 Sticker
One free 3x3 Sticker
One free World Famous  
"Where the Hell is Meeteetse?"   Bumper Sticker
Two (2) free Koozies, any color
One free Kirwin Coffee Mug and
One free Kirwin Tote Bag !!

Normally over $40.00 Retail Value!           

NOTE: Access to Kirwin is limited and impassable certain times of the year.                      
Rain & Mud, River Levels and Snow are ALL very Unpredictable.                                         

Tour Guide_edited.png
USE~3x10 Where Meeteetse.jpg
3x10 Sticker - $5.00
Koozie for site.jpg
10 Colors
2x2 rounded corner sticker.jpg
2x2 Sticker - $1.50
Final 1.75x3.75_Kirwin GhostTown.jpg
2x4 Sticker - $2.50
Final 2.75x2.75_2_More w Red.jpg
3x3 Sticker - $3.50
Mug for site.jpg
Tote for site.jpg
Logo both Sides
We can Mail all products postage free - use Contact Page for Requests 
Prices include S&H

We  supply EACH RENTAL with a GPS Satellite Communicator : Garmin InReach  >>> FREE !



Your Safety
is Our Main