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Raison d'être = Cowboy French for "reason to be" -or- "What's going on here?"

#1 ~ SHARE as much History about Kirwin Ghost Town & Meeteetse as possible.
Off Road Adventure Trips to Kirwin & beyond via Safari Vehicles or SxSs

WHAT to know?

It's the Mountain Drive, not the Destination... 


Wildlife Galore!

  Cameras Required !  

Kirwin, Wyoming was a booming Mining Town from roughly 1891 until 1907, when a killer Avalanche destroyed much of the Town killing 3 residents. That tragedy, combined with constant threat of winter avalanches, and so little discovered ore, caused folks to abandon Kirwin. Back in the day, an adventurous, all-day ride by Stage Coach, custom delivery or horseback was the only access. Nonetheless, in it's heyday this secluded community boasted Electricity & Telephone lines !! Man, if they's just had wifi....
It was an unusual Mining Town mostly made up of Miners with 
families and children. 
It WAS unusal in that Kirwin had No
 Saloon or Brothel.

We hope you'll wander around this website and learn a bit more about the History of this Hidden Jewel of the Yellowstone Ecosystem tucked way back in these gorgeous Mountains : Kirwin Ghost Town

WHO are we?

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Meeteetse, Wyoming (pop 327) is the only way to Kirwin.
IS  Headquarters for Kirwin Ghost Town.
It's also our Home. We are very proud of our little Town and we're sure you'll find it to be a wonderful and fun part of your Western excursion. The EZ
30 minute drive from Cody is beautiful driving through High Desert & Mountains, full of wildlife.
Our Mountains are the most accessible in the area.
Be sure to CLICK on the Meeteetse tab above to learn more!

Got Questions?

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WHERE to go?

Well, duh......... Get in those Mountains and on your way to Kirwin Ghost Town!!
 Ahhh... Mountain Roads! ONLY Easy Access Mountains in the Area!
There are over 70 Miles of Beautiful Scenic Roads... 
WITHOUT even going to the Actual Abandoned Mining Camp = Kirwin.

You can GO out to eat, you can GO by either of our famous-for-Ice-Fishing Reservoirs on the way.

There are easy drives along other Forest Service Roads where you can GO explore & HIKE.

Easy, that is, if you have a high clearance 4WD or similar vehicle.

HOW to go?

Glad You Asked!   If you wanna ride, just tell us how you roll...

We HAVE the Rides !

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