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Wolf Mine
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Tumblin Mine

Wolf Mine


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Tumlin Mine

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You Gotta Go !!!

You Gotta Go !!!

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"Please look around. It is our goal to capture & share as much as is known ANYWHERE about our fine 
little TOWN. Or, as much as we feel we can share. You see, it's been quite a while since folks actually 
lived here......but oh, did life 'happen' in this Valley.   Yet, after all these years, some things might be
better left to the Ghosts of the Past. They tell what they want....
Regardless, the Majesty of the Valley is only rivaled by the ride in and out. You see, it looks different on the way out than it did on the way in. Magical, we say.
Bone up, then come see us. If you catch us, we'd love to sit and share....the Mysteries.
Be safe exploring and keep your mine open."

                                                                            Mayor Mr. Bill Kirwin   -    Mayor Pro Tem Mr. Harry Adams


Our Town

The  Meeteetse Museum  is LOADED with Information
about Kirwin and History of the 'May-Tay Tay-Say' Basin

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 Our Museums

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Type "43.87637,-109.29793" into Google maps you will be looking @ Kirwin Parking Lot!!