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This was the time Amelia Earhart frequented Kirwin & Meeteetse!

3/29/1902 United States granted Mineral Patent to James Gibson.     
On 11/30/
1904 Gibson recorded Homestead Certificate #177 in Lander Wy

1908 United States granted Mineral Patent to John Henry Schnitzel.
1925 Schnitzel recorded a land lease to Henry Sayles, then later on

1931 deeded the land to Carl M Dunrud
had essentially purchased all of the Kirwin - Wood River area & moved into a Homestead Cabin @ the Double Dee Guest Ranch that fall.
12/29/34 Dunrud purchased additional Land around the Double Dee.

10/18/1946 Dunrud deeded it to Nancy Wright who owned it for 2 months.

1946 Basil U & Madge W Bennett bought the Property.


6/1/1955 It deeded to Duke Wilson (Woodrow Wilson/Mellon Foundation)
Duke Wilson began deeding lands to AMAX from 1962-1970

1992 AMAX (American Metal Climax, Inc) holdings purchased by 
Richard King Mellon Foundation and deeded to current owners:
United States Department of Agriculture/United States Forest Service


Bennetts are still in Meeteetse, including one man that lived ON
the Double Dee for many summers as a young boy! Wanna meet him

Dates & Chain of Ownership

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