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Sample Rental Agreement & Waiver

There is a lot of Information contained in this
Rental Agreement/Waiver.
Please Download and Read it.

I almost apologize, because I KNOW who you are!
Folks come for this Adventure to absorb it all and;
You can ONLY do that going SLOW.... so that you
Don't MISS a THING! The Vistas are Amazing!

This SAFE, yet unbelievable 'wilderness' RIDE is all about
soaking in all our Beautiful Mountain Scenery.

Please take time to familiarize yourself with this document.
Might be more than you want to read once you get here.

Essentially, "don't be stupid, and all will be fine"
If you have any questions, be in touch.

*** YOUR INSURANCE takes Precedent and is Primary. ***
Essentially YOU are insuring our Vehicle.

You will be signing this document
when you pick-up your Rental Vehicle .

  Cameras Required !  



Please Download, Print and Peruse

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