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Of course, you did not come this far to sit in a rented room or house. We get it.      We know that.

You can watch TV at home.

We also understand that EITHER you know now..... or you will find out:

It's really HARD to plan a trip to Wyoming if you've never been.

Internet can be your friend or your foe. Some good, some hollow, some horrible and evil. Still, if you're trying to plan your trip from back East or the West coast..... what's the alternative?

  WE can Help.  

Here at Ghost Town Adventures, we know about Meeteetse, the Wood River Valley, Kirwin and the Middle Mountains. Our backyard.

We have helped folks look at how they're coming and going enroute to maximize their sights and minimize their back tracking.

Feel free to Reach Out!

Wyoming is so vast! Folks from 'populated' (crowed?) areas don't get it.

Do Google Maps vs where you live: 600,000 people in all of Wyoming.

Speaking of Lodging.... Stay here in Meeteetse and get a DISCOUNT on

Kirwin Ghost Town Adventures Rentals!

We know you're not sleeping in your car.

You didn't come this far to 'wonder' where you were gonna sleep! Still....there are options.

If you are RVing, there's 2 RV Parks in Meeteetse.

There are FREE spots in the National Park that we can direct you to, as well.

Yet, for Comfort AND Saving some $$$.....

Here's an option:

Click the above WagonWheel House Photo

Book one Night thru AirBnB or VRBO

and get a $100.00 CASH rebate upon 

upon arrival for your SxS Rental

Yeah, we know you already have a place to stay.

And, you've already paid for it.

Still, many experienced Travelers have a "Home Base" location...say in Cody... but then stay various places (instead of the long ride back) just taking a fanny pack of stuff for overnight. They see more & rest more.

But, the laid back simplicity of Riding all Day and then relaxing in the peaceful charm of 

Meeteetse (pop 309) with Good Food options and Luxurious Accommodations......

Pretty cool.

Live the History.

Isn't that WHY you're on Vacation?

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