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Insurance & Cancellation Policy

- Be Advised:  Insurance is on the VEHICLE ONLY -


you must have a valid US Driver's License.
You must be 25 yrs old to rent any vehicle

 proof of Auto insurance is required

 insurance is on the vehicle! not people!
Riding CAN be Dangerous. Serious injury can occur if YOU don't pay attention.
Your SAFETY & that of Passengers is YOUR Resposibility!

In this day and age, far too much time is spent on Documentation and CYA stuff.

We find that unfortunate and frustrating, if not infuriating. We COULD have you Sign Waivers and Agreements OnLine.......but we feel there is way too much invasive stuff

(about all of us) plastered everywhere over the Internet. We will NOT add to that mess.

We don't like it, why should you?

Therefore, the Rental AGREEMENT you will sign UPON ARRIVAL is the only Documentation there will be. Your Credit Card processing done by FareHarbor, a trustworthy company - not Us!

Kirwin Ghost Town Adventures does NOT keep ANY DATA on Anyone. Never will.

  I'd rather deal on a Handshake.  

Please take some time Reviewing and possibly printing out the last 2 pages to save time upon your we can get you out there on your RIDE quicker!


Any cancellations made up to 31 days prior will receive a full refund. 

Any cancellations made between 15 days and 30 days will receive a 50% refund. 

Any cancellations made 14 or fewer days before the appointment will not be able to receive a refund.


Reservations are made online and on a 1st come, 1st served basis. Once a Vehicle is reserved,

NO ONE else can rent it. It is reserved for YOU on the day you choose.

With possible availability we MAY be able to reschedule your Rental.



We reserve the right to Cancel any Reservation for any Reason, especially for Safety Concerns.

Rain IS NOT a reason for Cancellation, unless we deem conditions unsafe, at our sole discretion.

High Water MAY require YOU agreeing to avoid specified Areas or Roads, depending upon Conditions.

As the Rideable Roads total nearly 80 miles, to avoid less than 10% of that is no cause for cancellation.


We provide Ponchos, in case of Rain. At these elevations, Weather can change quickly. 

Those East Coast Rainy Days (on end) that some are accustomed to, we very rarely - if ever- have that situation.

Most all Rivers are fed by Snow Melt and run-off.

This is a High Desert area with rain that comes and goes quickly and dries up surprisingly fast.

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