We are not in the Insurance Business. We hope there's never a need to have a need for it.

No one really likes to talk about Insurance, and we don't any more than you do. But, it IS a necessity.

We are not interested in 'adding on' any unnecessary fees, as crazy as that may sound.

We're simply hoping to provide you a fun way to see our part of this Yellowstone Ecosystem.

We carry sufficient Insurance.

However, be advised that YOUR PERSONAL INSURANCE (that you already have) is the Primary Insurance covering the vehicle you rent from us. Ours is Secondary, that is, it pays after yours stops paying.

What should you do before Renting a Ghost Coach or Chariot?

1 - Contact your AUTO INSURANCE Company to make sure you understand your policy and what is covered when you rent a car.

2 - Contact your CREDIT CARD Company to find out what coverage it provides (if you use that card to rent a car).

3 - Finally, BRING your car insurance information, agent phone #, declaration page, etc. when you pick up your Vehicle.

You MUST have proof of insurance with you