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 Yeah, we do things a little different out here. Come and See 

If you think you can find a more laid back place,

with Cool & Dry long summer days and better Cool nights..... Please let us know.

We have  REAL Cowboys working on Horseback..... like they always did.

Ok... here they are using pickups, but we  PROMISE  , Horseback roundups happen all the time. We've been part of some. They move cattle all around,

out on the Prairie, Summer to Winter pastures, up & down the Highways...

... sometimes even herding them right through DownTown !


Scroll on down to see our Sanatation Engineer at work! 

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Our Town

Funny Name: Great Place.    Population 309.    We just call it HOME.

Nestled along the banks of the Greybull River, the earliest Army Engineering Corps came upon this area known to the Crow Indians as  Mee Tee  (pronounced "may-tay"), meaning 'meaning good, a place of good fortune or good hunting'. The Shoshone Indians were, however, very fearful of the Crow Nation to the North and referred to the area a  Tee Tse (pronounced "tay say"), meaning 'Crow near'.

The Army Corps Captain doing the Mapping named the area  
Mee tee tee tse 
or  ("may tay  tay say" ) , essentially a corruption of both the Shoshonean and Apsaalooke Siouan languages........say that fast 3 times in a row.  ;)

Our GOAL = YOU leave the area simply calling it "Fabulous and Fun !!"

Today? "It's where Cheifs Meet".... and You're the Chief on your Vacation!

Where Meeteetse red.jpg

Deli, Fuel, Fishing Supplies 

EVERYTHING in 1 place

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Town Walking Map

Online OR In Person


Do NOT Miss

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 Our Museums

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Please help us keep Meeteetse Clean, OK?

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