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Hi there! Welcome to where the WEST and the Wilderness MEET......Meeteetse !

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The link at the bottom of this page allows a download of the RENTAL AGREEMENT

Points to Remember:

1) -You must be  25 years old to rent one of our Vehicles

2) -You must have  proof of insurance on you, or be able to provide such prior to renting.

3) -You must have a  VALID Driver's License with Picture ID.

YOUR Insurance will be PRIMARY in case of an accident.

This is explained in 'legaleeze' in the RENTAL AGREEMENT, but, it simply means that by doing things with our Company Insurance Secondary, the cost is less to YOU by doing things this way.

NONE of our Vehicles are new. This is by design. They are well maintained and in good condition.Your safety is important to us. But, so is your enjoyment of our lil' ole part of the West. Don't be nervous, just be SMART. 

We want you to HAVE FUN, but to be careful and safe. Don't do dumb stuff.

The RENTAL AGREEMENT sounds and is more 'harsh' than we'd like to be.

But, if YOU drive like YOU owned it........... we're guessing that all will be fine.

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Open Air Fun !!

Seats up to Adults

Drop the windshield 

when you enter the

National Forest and......


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