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 Home to the Original  Transformer JEEP ! 

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We have  REAL Cowboys working on Horseback..... like they always did.

Out on the Prairie, Summer to Winter pastures, up & down the Highways...

... sometimes even herding them right through DownTown !

 One of a Kind!  

 Cowboy John 307-272-7153 
See Videos at the Bottom

One of a Kind, Once in a Lifetime.

A True to Life Jeep Wrangler TRANSFORMER

Turn it into whatever you want.

2 people, 4 people, 8 people

Open top, Bikini Top, Hard Top, Safari Top

Why Not Take the Whole Crowd?

Or Just an Intimate 2 of you w/ a small Pickup Bed.


Perfect year-round FUN vehicles

Wyoming “FUNRX” license plates Come with Vehicle.


1988 Jeep Wrangler YJ MOST Custom Ride

The Ultimate Hunting or Trail Vehicle for the Whole Family of Just Tw0

Automatic Transmission – anyone can drive it

4.2 inline 6 cyl, runs like a dream – oil is always clear, just changed it

Under 128,000 original miles


Ready to go!

Tires – Newer 31x10.5R15 – spare Jeep wheel with Rear Mount included


All work done within the 3,500 miles: "The Nuts & Bolts" 

New Weber Carburetor (exact OEM) (Spare new Air Filter & caps)

New Spark Plugs, Wires & Distributor, Belts – Complete tune up

Replaced all Universal Joints, front and rear and all wheels

 Replaced original Vacuum 4x4 Engagement with Dana 30 Front Axle Lock kit     plus new Dana Shift Lock fork….no vacuum problems, it’s a manual system. Sweet.

All four new shocks

Upper & Lower Ball Joints

New Rear Seals

New Brakes

New Parking Brake

Newer Battery


Tubular Half Doors

Lockable Center Console

15 gauge Steel Touring Top

Fiberglass Black Hard Top – Hinged Sun Roof – Operable Rear Window

Included Roll Bar that fits UNDER Black Hard top


                                                                           Oh…..does not have a horn. :)


None of the horrid Jeep Computer Problems - This is back when a Jeep was a Jeep


A) Winter Warrior

2 Door, add soft or hard doors(not included)

Open Bed

Heater Works


B) Summer Warrior

Leave Hard top on, Tube Doors

Take Hard top off, add Bikini if desired (not included)

Open Bed


Add REAR seat for 2 more People


C) Summer Touring Chariot 

Remove Hard TOP, remove interior Roll Bar

Add Steel 15 gauge top – slides right on – hardened bolts hold tight - voila

Add Two Side Seats with just a ‘snap’ literally – custom built to go in and out easily

Add Rear Seat (4 bolts hold rear seat)

Ride 8 (EIGHT) people comfortably.

 Cowboy John 307-272-7153 
See Videos at the Bottom

 Cowboy John 307-272-7153 
See Videos at the Bottom

Summer Touring Chariot

Chariot 2.jpg
Chariot 5.jpg
a Chariot 8-1.jpg
Chariot 4.jpg

 drop the windsheild & really SEE 

Chariot 13-1.jpg


Removable Steel Top.jpg
Chariot 15-1.jpg
Chariot_small pickup.jpg

 Cowboy John 307-272-7153 
See Videos at the Bottom


(rear behind seat 'boxing'
included but not shown - 5 screws)


Winter Warrior Hard TOP 2-Seater


Bikini Look not shown
(just leave off the hard top)

 Cowboy John 307-272-7153 
See Videos at the Bottom

Other Stuff

Chariot 10-1.jpg

Automatic Transmission

Chariot 16-1.jpg


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